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Ellen Fitzkee, LCPC

I am writing this note in support of Kelly Greenberg. While I have not kept in close contact with her over the past 35 years, I have watched her development as both a person and a coach from a distance. She is an outstanding human being and a morally sound individual. She works hard each […]
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Sandra Procopio

As a loyal fan of BU women’s basketball since 1975, I have known all the coaches. I see in Kelly a coach with focus and determination, who puts her heart and soul into each game. Her teams have always responded well to her as a coach. They know she wants the best for them both […]
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Dan Totten

Dear Coach, I’m with you during this troubling time. I will never forget how giving and how professional you were in scheduling you team to come to Quincy and do a hoop clinic for Quincy Youth Basketball. Your team came after a long day of classes and practice and they taught and laughed and shared […]
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Annie Mucera

Coach Greenberg; passionate, devoted, enthusiastic, animated, wholehearted & unconditional. Kelly Greenberg was born to coach, to teach, to prepare, to mentor. This is indisputable if you know her personally. Kelly’s unmistakable adoration for what she does defines her as an individual.

Jaclyn Greenberg

Kelly Greenberg has 26 nieces and nephews. I am one of them. Although one of many, when I see Kelly she always makes me feel like I am that one person she was waiting to see. The conversations we have seem of the utmost importance to her. She has a way of making people feel […]
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Cara Millett ’99

I am truly concerned for future generations. We have become a society with children that are being raised with a sense of entitlement and the belief that “Everyone should get a trophy!” Here are the results! I did not have the pleasure of playing for Coach Greenberg; however thru her Alumni outreach I have gotten […]
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Tia Doyle ’90

As a 1990 alumnus of the Boston University Women’s Basketball program and a former assistant coach at the College of the Holy Cross, I fully support current Boston University Women’s Basketball coach Kelly Greenberg. I met Kelly in 1994 when I joined the staff at Holy Cross. Kelly was my mentor and over time, Kelly […]
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Alison Coubrough-Argentieri ’03

As a 2003 graduate of Boston University and a four year player on the women’s basketball team, I came to know Kelly through alumni events. Since day one at BU, Kelly made alumni relations a priority. From monthly newsletters, to hand written notes, to season tickets, to personally greeting us at every game/event, Kelly made […]
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Maggie Greenberg

I am very lucky to call Kelly Greenberg my aunt and my godmother. In a family of many wonderful role models, she is at the top of the pack. Her passion, intensity, and love for the game of basketball are only matched by her love for her players and love for her family. She is […]
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Carly Strang

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kelly for many years and know that she would do anything for her friends and family. She is kind, loyal, and has an infectious smile that makes everyone feel welcome. It’s disappointing to read these accusations, but anyone who truly knows Kelly, knows they are false and unjustified. […]
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Deirdre Kane

I have been coaching for 35 years- the past 27 at West Chester University- a Division II school just outside of Philadelphia- Kelly Greenberg’s hometown. BTW, folks in the coaching circle, in & around Philly, love and respect Kelly Greenberg. There are many things I could say about Kelly- but I will say this to […]
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Christopher Reed, Esq.

I have known Kelly Greenberg for many years. I have never had the pleasure of being a teammate of Kelly’s or receiving coaching instruction from her. I have, however, had the privilege of considering her my friend. Words do little to describe the character of Kelly Greenberg. That is because Kelly’s character has been built […]
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Sheila Wall

Kelly, Keep the faith! You are a smart, committed and loyal friend. I always remember your terrific family from our LaSalle days. Your parents raised a great bunch of kind and caring kids. I just can’t believe the allegations made against you. Please hang in there and know that the truth will prevail. You are […]
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Rose Schneider

I know Kelly to be one of the most caring and upstanding people I have the pleasure of knowing. I was truly sad when I heard Kelly had become the victim of such accusations. Anyone who knows Kelly, knows in their heart that these accusations are unjustified. I can only say, Kelly you hang in […]
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Nancy Lyons

It is hard for me to imagine, after reading all the heartfelt support posted on this website…some from players who had their own challenges while playing at BU…that anyone could attempt to destroy a lifelong, successful career with unsubstantiated claims brought by a vast minority of disgruntled individuals. It is time for someone in authority […]
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Kerry Giroux

I first met Kelly Greenberg over 20 years ago when she recruited me to play basketball at the University of Rhode Island. Even though she left to take an assistant coaching position at Holy Cross, she promised me that she would always keep in touch and follow my college career. She not only kept that […]
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Charley and Jane Greenberg

Kelly Greenberg is a special person to all who know her. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Basketball is her life. She cares for and about her players and family. SHE IS NO BULLY! Hang in there Kelly, We love you.

Greg & Annette

Kelly has always struck me as both kind and devoted… to her family and friends and always to her team. We support you Kelly, have loved watching your games over the years and are looking forward to seeing your good name restored. Keep your big smile shining!

Lisa Donnelly Denton

I played field hockey with Kelly Greenberg for a brief time at La Salle University. When I saw the recent media coverage, I was incredulous. My initial reaction and continued belief is that these allegations could not possibly be true. Although Kelly Greenberg may not remember me from so very long ago, I remember her […]
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Kat Otwell

If you have never coached the wonderful game of basketball, or any other sport for that matter, you do not truly understand the hours, the sleepless nights, and the determination to help young ladies grow that coaching requires. A coach is many things: a motivator, a mentor, a teacher, and a friend. Kelly Greenberg encompasses […]
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Peter and Christine Tiano

We have had the pleasure of knowing Kelly for over 25 years. During that time we have always been impressed with her work ethic, sense of fairness and her passion for the game of basketball. We have enjoyed watching her many accomplishments over the years. When we think of Kelly the first impression that comes […]
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Jack DePaolo-Bosivert

I want to start by saying this, Kelly is not just somebody that I met, and became family friends with. Kelly is unarguably a part of my family, from her love of sports, to hanging out with during he summer. She is the best basketball coach I have ever had the opportunity to meet, watch, […]
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David Kessler, Philadelphia Dept. Of Recreation (ret.), League Director Philadelphia/Suburban Women’s NCAA Summer Basketball League (1994-present)

I have interacted with Coach Greenberg both personally and professionally for nearly 30 years. She has always conducted herself in a professional manner and has diligently shown dedication to the institutions she has worked for and the many, many “students” she has coached through the years. Kelly is a tremendous ambassador for Boston University and, […]
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Dr. Edward C. Meier

I have known Coach Greenberg in a professional capacity for over a decade. I have watched her work with her student athletes and ALWAYS found her to be the consummate professional. When I think of Coach Greenberg the words that come to mind are focused, dedicated, passionate, and caring. She is a wonderful leader that […]
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Valerie Klopfer

I have known Kelly Greenberg for over ten years and I find myself respecting her more the longer I know her. I have been fortunate enough to know Kelly’s family and friends, I know her staff, and I have gotten the chance to meet several of her players over the years. The people that want […]
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Jessica Dinneen

Kelly Greenberg is one of the warmest, most generous people I know. We see Kelly a few times a year. During the months in between my 4 and 2 yr old are always asking when they’re going to get to see “that Kelly girl” again. I can’t imagine a better role model for my three […]
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Jack Kelly

Kelly Greenberg is no “bully”. The real bully here is the Boston newspaper that irresponsibly printed this sensationalized one-sided (non)story. This is yet another example of our media completely running amuck in this country. I challenge the Boston Globe to review the overwhelming outpouring of support for this great woman who has positively impacted the […]
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Joe McGeever

I have known Kelly Greenberg since she was 16 years old when I became one of her high school coaches. In the years since then I have seen her evolve from a motivated young girl to a successful and most caring woman. I was very fortunate to be her assistant coach and work with Kelly […]
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Jim Ricci

I have gotten to know Kelly Greenberg from the 9 years I have coached at Archbishop Wood, the high school where Kelly played, where her number is retired and where she is in their Hall of Fame. While only knowing of her when I first started there, Kelly always reached out to me to congratulate […]
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Rich Montgomery

I have had the privilege of watching Coach Greenberg coach several games per year beginning with her games at the University of PA. From our house in Central PA, this has meant many miles of driving that were always well worth the effort.More than being a sports fan, I think that I most admire the […]
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Dave Vick

I met Kelly years ago and was struck by her positive attitude, competitive spirit and ability to motivate those around her. Motivation not only for sport, but for quality of life. I was able to watch Kelly coach a number of times. My son played football for UNH and remember watching Kelly in action. I […]
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Penny Carver

The news articles that I have read about Kelly are just crazy! I have known Kelly for over 20 years. She is caring, kind, supportive, fun to be with (I could go on and on) and everything BUT what is being reported in the news. I am unsure why these comments are being made but […]
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Jim and Kate

I am so proud to say that Kelly Greenberg is my aunt. I’ve been watching Kelly play and coach basketball since I was a toddler and, probably unknowingly, she’s played a major part of instilling in me a passion for the game of basketball; one that has trickled down from my grandfather to my youngest […]
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Chris Hayes

Coaching is a unique profession. It is high stress, time consuming, etc., and to be a good one requires passion, personal investment and sacrifice. To be a great one requires anything and everything you could do to emulate Kelly Greenberg as closely as possible. Kelly is the most knowledgeable, gracious, generous and fulfilled person I […]
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Marlene and Howard Carr

My daughter Rachael attended Coach Greenberg’s summer basketball camp, and she was very nice to her. Rachael was a little scared when we arrived and Kelly noticed she was a little nervous and took her by the hand and said I want you to meet the girls that you will be sharing the cabin. At […]
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Meg Cardie Maley

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kelly for 30+ years. We were teammates in high school, ended up at LaSalle together and later met up again as coaches at University of Penn together (me-soccer, her-bball). I honestly can not say enough about Kelly as a person. She is one of those people who you […]
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Donna and Joe Loschiavo

Selfless, caring, nurturing, loyal, passionate, compassionate, generous, kind. All of these words describe Kelly Greenberg. During her successful 20 plus years of coaching, Kelly has touched the lives of hundreds of young women. She has played a huge role in their development on and off the court. Kelly is the type of coach that believes […]
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Olivia Stewart

My name is Olivia Stewart and I am currently junior at the University of Vermont. My older sister played for Kelly from 2008-2012. I am a member of a very large sports family, yet I have never succeeded in sports myself. Both of my older and younger sisters have gone to college on full scholarship […]
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Kevin McKinney

Saw your brothers yesterday at the Lasalle game. Thought of you right away. Hang in there you have everyone’s support down here in glenside.

John and Barbara

Kelly Greenberg is a great coach and greater person. we are behind you 100 percent.

John J. Reed

My Aunt Kelly When I think of Aunt Kelly only one word comes to my mind, INTEGRITY…. Aunt Kelly is a devoted coach and an inspiration to everyone, who she coaches and comes in contact with…… You have my support and prayers Aunt Kelly.

Teresa Sanchez

Kelly is a coach that pushes her team members to improve each and every day as basketball players and as people. Kelly trains athletes in her “job” as coach, but the by product, through the lessons she teaches them is, mature, confident, and respectful young women that have a positive outlook on life. She is […]
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Maria DiClemente

Comment: Kelly Greenberg a “bully?” That’s just ridiculous! Anyone that knows Kelly or has witnessed her on the court working with her student athletes would know that this is so far from the truth. I have had the pleasure to be part of Kelly’s BU Basketball “Family” since she arrived in Boston both as a […]
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Mike Dinneen

Words cannot express how important Kelly has been to me. She was a babysitter to me growing up and was my first coach in things like wire ball, Amos and Andy, tennis, boggle,checkers, and yes basketball. She never made me feel bad about myself instead she showed me what confidence is and how to treat […]
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Jake May

As a Godson of Kelly, I know her extremely well. Kelly Greenberg is the most trustworthy, kindest, caring, and coolest aunt I could ever ask for. These are not the qualities of a bully. She is the last person that would ever “bully” someone ever. A “bully” would not help someone up. A “bully” would […]
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John Grady

Kelly, I wanted to write a short note of support. Although it has been years since I’ve had the opportunity to see you, the person I got to know nearly 30 years ago made such a strong impression as a positive, responsible, compassionate, and life-loving player, coach and friend that I wanted to make sure […]
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Ryan Dinneen

Kelly is my aunt and I have known and respected her my entire life. The allegations are just ridiculous. You have my support and love Kelly.

Joe and Sharon

Kelly Greenberg is simply not capable of bullying anyone. She may challenge players and that is her job. We have seen Kelly’s dedication to her team many times. One time we were visiting during the summer. We were laughing and talking when Kelly said she had to leave because it was late and she had […]
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Jill Crandley

When I heard about the ‘bullying’ accusations made against Kelly Greenberg I was shocked, to say the least. I have never, in my life heard anyone say anything negative about Kelly. I am a former college teammate of Kelly’s and have known her for over 25 years. She is one of the most genuine, unselfish […]
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Mary Kay Reed

There are many stories concerning Coach Kelly Greenberg which attest to her ability to inspire others, her devotion to her players and colleagues and her integrity as a person. One of these which is most demonstrative occurred several years ago at the death of her beloved father. Several hundred of her current and former players […]
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