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Bliss P.

Since 2005, I have had the great privilege of getting to know Coach Greenberg. Her outstanding dedication and commitment to her players has positively impacted the lives of the young women who have been a part of her program. From teaching her players fundamental life and leadership skills to the importance of hard work, Coach […]
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Christine Gallagher

I support Kelly. You can tell a lot about a person not only in their own character but by the company they keep. Kelly is a dear friend of my sister who is a dedicated phenomenal friend to all and a person of integrity. I met Kelly years ago. Great first impression. I have listened […]
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Gerry Nelson

I have known Kelly Greenberg since she was 8 years old…She is a woman of integrity, competitiveness, and compassion…If those aren’t the qualities of a great basketball coach, I do not know what is…Any school should be so lucky to have her!

Kim Grimaldi

When you look at all of the love and support that Kelly has it is obvious that she is not a bully. She encourages people to be their best in a loving and caring way. She has been such a positive role model for so many people. That should be the focus here. You have […]
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Jack Sykes

Great person.

Nadine Winters McLaughlin

Stay strong Kelly! Since elementary school, you have been one of the most caring, considerate, loving people I know! You have a heart of gold. Your commitment to making each and every one of your players excel and realize their full potential should be commended. I wish you quick resolve of this situation and hope […]
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Carol Dinneen

Kelly Greenberg is a loving sister, kind sister-in-law and awesome aunt. We have attended many of Kelly’s games and know first-hand how she treats her players and everyone connected with her programs. We are behind her 100%!! Stay strong. We love you.

John Gallagher

Throughout life the people who have helped me grow the most are the ones that consistently preached the importance of caring, respect, pride, passion, and dedication. Regardless if it was school work, family, sports, or business. While reading through these posts, this appears to be the most consistent message from your supporters. The teachers who […]
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Joe Maney

As a teacher, coach and most importantly the father of four daughters I would be honored to have my daughters play for Coach Kelly Greenberg. It has been my pleasure to know Kelly for over twenty years. BMy sister was fortunate to have played under Kelly at The College of the Holy Cross in the […]
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Brian Healy

Kelly is an oustanding coach and a wonderful person. I have three daughters and I’m proud to say that they see Kelly as a strong, positive role model. The way the media has handled this makes me sick.

Michelle Doyle

“There are two ways of establishing a reputation, one to be praised by honest people and the other to be accused by rogues. It is best, however, to secure the first one, because it will always be accompanied by the latter.” ————————–Charles Caleb Colton No doubt you have secured the first one!!!! Stay strong and […]
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Tim Burke

As a fan of the program, I have witnessed numerous games over the past several years. I have never witnessed anything outside of typical collegiate athletic competitive coaching & game management from Coach Greenberg and her entire staff. I respect Coach Greenberg’s performance and have witnessed the vast majority of her players compete with great […]
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Colleen Fedorowicz

I have had the honor of being a counselor at the Kelly Greenberg Basketball Camp for the past seven years. Each year I see how many young girls Coach Greenberg positively affects not only while playing the game they love but in every aspect of their lives. She instills determination in young female athletes and […]
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