Coach Kelly Greenberg

Kelly Greenberg is a Division 1 women’s basketball coach with a history of success. Her winning record speaks for itself. What that record doesn’t keep count of are the hundreds of personal victories she has scored over the years–in motivating, supporting, influencing, mentoring and developing young women through her basketball teams, in her camps, and in her involvement with the community.

Kelly’s dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm can be seen in everything she does. Her outgoing personality, welcoming smile, and infectious laugh put those around her at ease and quickly turns strangers into friends. Her compassion, loyalty, and ability to bring out the best in people have attracted many successful players to her teams. Kelly leads by example and her consistency and reliability let everyone know that she is someone they can count on.

She values relationships, staying in touch with and supporting her players long after they graduate, allowing her to build very strong and supportive player and parent alumni networks. Kelly’s positive influence can be seen in hundreds of her past players, players who show the same loyalty, dedication, commitment, and compassion they learned from Coach Greenberg.

Recently, a number of local, national, and online media outlets reported a ridiculously one-sided story that paints a painfully inaccurate picture of Kelly. There are exponentially more people who know the real Kelly Greenberg. We support her. Here are our stories.


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