Letter from Players

Excerpt from the 2014 BU players to the BU Administration

Date: March 6, 2014

The reason we are writing this letter is to support Coach Greenberg.  As we talk about our coach some words that come to mind are: caring, passionate, loving, and invested. She has put in many years to create a program that supports and encourages young women to better themselves to be better people.  While some coaches only care about the player on the court Coach cares about the person.  All of us share the experience of walking by coach’s office, saying hello, and before you know it you have spent two hours talking…not mentioning basketball once.  She has pushed many of us out of our comfort zone in order to grow as respectable young women, who cannot only handle tough situations on a basketball team, but can also move on after college and represent Boston University with pride.

Coach Greenberg is someone who you should want to be associated with, someone who puts her heart and soul into our program. To be honest, as upsetting as this news is, we are quite confident that you will have a very hard time finding people with anything bad to say about Coach Greenberg.  We think it is important for you all to take note of how much these former players (who are making accusations) are outliers in a program that has produced countless, stand-up young women. You won’t find many alumni who do not keep in contact with Coach. You won’t find many people who do not email coach before every game. You also won’t find many people who can say they left our program with anything but glowing words about this woman who cared about them. Unfortunately in athletics some athletes do not buy into the team culture. Our culture of family, support and hard work sadly is not for everyone.  I hope you realize that people who don’t believe in such values (to remind you, family, support and hard work) are the very people who are aiming to bring down the integrity of this program.

As a team, we would just like to express our full support of Coach Greenberg, and hope you see how ridiculous these accusations are.  We can understand that as administrators it is not easy to fully know any coach in your athletic department. This is why we felt the need to let you know what Coach is like when you are not around. There is no one who we would rather spend every afternoon with. There is no one we would rather have as a confidant, a motivator, a mentor, and a friend. We hope with all of our hearts that other young women will be able to experience playing under Coach Greenberg for many years to come, and that some false accusations will not tarnish the glowing reputation our Coach has worked incredibly hard to uphold.


BU Women’s Basketball Team 2014                 

Danielle Callahan                 

Rashidat Agboola                 

Whitney Turner                     

Troi Melton                               

Mollie McKendrick                   

Clodagh Scannell                    

Meghan Green                          

Sarah Hope                                

Courtney Latham                    


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