Letter from Alumni

March 10, 2014

Dear Todd Klipp,

As Alums of the Boston University Women’s basketball team we are in full support of Head Coach Kelly Greenberg. We proudly wore Boston across our chest for four years believing in the tradition, respect, trust, and family that Coach Greenberg has instilled in her program for the past 10-years. Coach Greenberg’s presence in our lives has shaped us into the women we are today.

Kelly Greenberg is not just a basketball coach. She is a mentor, an idol, a woman who believed in us when others did not. Her records stand for themselves. She is an extremely successful and well-respected basketball coach, and her players, those who know her personally, know she is in the game for all right reasons. As the Head Coach of Boston University Women’s Basketball she has developed female student-athletes to become hardworking, resilient, and caring young women. Coach Greenberg’s ability to see beyond the basketball court allowed us to accept internships, take acting classes, go abroad, play professionally, become engineers, or even be coaches just like her. She has been in full support of all of our dreams no matter how different have been.

The amount of respect and loyalty we have for Kelly is a testament to the program she has built over the past 10-years. When everything is said and done and the sneakers are put away for good, we are left with each other and the memories we shared together.  We will be forever grateful for what Coach Kelly Greenberg has done for us and we can honestly say it was an honor and a privilege to play for her.

This letter was signed by the following BU alumni.  For more alumni  support, view the words of support.

Mo Moran ‘13 
Kasie Carbacio ‘12
Christine Kinneary ‘09
Chantell Alford ‘13
Amarachi Umez-Eronini ‘09
Kristen Sims ‘13 
Aly Hinton ‘10
Cheri Raffo ‘08
Caroline Stewart ‘12
Rachael Vanderwal ‘06
Alex Young ‘12
Kristi Dini ‘09
Adrienne (Norris) Mugar ’05


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