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Fran Hennessey

I am sending this e-mail to tell of my families experiences with Kelly Greenberg over the years. I watched Kelly play in High School and College and coach at Pennsylvania. I have taken my daughters to clinics, and as Ad of a grade school program in Philadelphia have had teams invited to play before her […]
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Ellen Fitzkee, LCPC

I am writing this note in support of Kelly Greenberg. While I have not kept in close contact with her over the past 35 years, I have watched her development as both a person and a coach from a distance. She is an outstanding human being and a morally sound individual. She works hard each […]
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Sandra Procopio

As a loyal fan of BU women’s basketball since 1975, I have known all the coaches. I see in Kelly a coach with focus and determination, who puts her heart and soul into each game. Her teams have always responded well to her as a coach. They know she wants the best for them both […]
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Dan Totten

Dear Coach, I’m with you during this troubling time. I will never forget how giving and how professional you were in scheduling you team to come to Quincy and do a hoop clinic for Quincy Youth Basketball. Your team came after a long day of classes and practice and they taught and laughed and shared […]
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Annie Mucera

Coach Greenberg; passionate, devoted, enthusiastic, animated, wholehearted & unconditional. Kelly Greenberg was born to coach, to teach, to prepare, to mentor. This is indisputable if you know her personally. Kelly’s unmistakable adoration for what she does defines her as an individual.

Erin Leonard, Penn ’01

My name is Erin Leonard and I had the privilege to play for and coach with Coach Greenberg at UPenn. I often look back on those years and smile because they were some of the best years of my life and coach had a lot to do with my experience. Coach Greenberg was passionate about […]
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Jaclyn Greenberg

Kelly Greenberg has 26 nieces and nephews. I am one of them. Although one of many, when I see Kelly she always makes me feel like I am that one person she was waiting to see. The conversations we have seem of the utmost importance to her. She has a way of making people feel […]
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Monica Naltner, Penn

Coach Greenberg continually supported and pushed me to be the best basketball player I could be. While I only had the opportunity to play for Coach for one season at Penn, she showed me through hard work and intensity, I could accomplish great things. Even after Coach left Penn, she kept in touch and helped […]
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Cara Millett ’99

I am truly concerned for future generations. We have become a society with children that are being raised with a sense of entitlement and the belief that “Everyone should get a trophy!” Here are the results! I did not have the pleasure of playing for Coach Greenberg; however thru her Alumni outreach I have gotten […]
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Mufu and Sandra Agboola, Player Parent

Our family has been a part of the BU mens basketball program and more recently,  the women’s basketball program for the past four years. I can still remember our first meeting with Kelly Greenberg. While she expressed that she wanted our daughter, Rashidat, on her team she never pressured us as we had experienced with other […]
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