Sarah MacElroy, Director of Basketball Operations (’04-’08)

I had the privilege of working with Kelly as her Director of Basketball Operations at BU for four years. During this time, Kelly was a positive role model for me, as a young professional, and for our players throughout the years. On countless occasions, I saw Kelly demonstrate her commitment to her players, the BU […]
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Karissa Smith

I met Kelly at a very young age when my Aunt Dayna was an assistant at the University of Pennsylvania, and Kelly was the head coach.From the day I met her I have never heard a person say anything bad about her, which makes this accusations so shocking and unbelievable. Kelly could have easily solely […]
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Stacy Baumeister

Hang in there Kelly, you are a good person and do not deserve this. The truth will come to light and you will come out shining.

The Healys – Kelley, Jessie, Sammy

Kelly Greenberg has been a long time friend of the family. She is one of the kindest people we have ever met! We had the opportunity to see her coach at Penn and at BU and the games were always so much fun! Years ago, we attended her basketball camp and Kelly always made sure […]
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Brett Greenberg

BU coach Kelly Greenberg is my aunt. She is the kind of person that would give you the shirt off her back. She is one person who I am not afraid to talk to about anything. She is as real as it gets. Although I only see her a few times a year, I know […]
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Cindy & Joe Young, Player Parents

Cindy and I have known Kelly since Alex visited BU in 2008. Alex could not have made a better choice both from academic and athletic aspects. Kelly and her staff exhibited great leadership and coaching acumen throughout Alex’s tenure. In fact, Alex’s love and passion for the game only increased throughout her four years at […]
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Shelby Marshall

Kelly’s record speaks for itself. She is a woman of great character and conviction. We need more women like her in positions of leadership to be mentors and role models for young women.

Kathy O’Connell

Hoping BU will do the “right thing” and not let “helicopter parents” hijack the program! Ladies: Get tough or get out of the way… A retired teacher and coach following this “unreal” story from Ocala Florida.

Dale Parker

Coach Greenberg has been a true friend from the first day we met. I was welcome with open arms. Always kept a smile on her face which would put one on yours. A true professional, always willing to give advice on coaching and life. I know one of her main focus points was to always […]
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Lisa Meehan-Morgan

Let me start by saying I have not see Kelly in many years but I do not believe Kelly would portray any of the characteristics described in recent days. I was very shocked when I heard about this. I played with Kelly as an underclassman in high school. She had the leadership ability and compassion […]
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Jeanette (Paukert) Wehrenberg, Holy Cross ’02

I had the pleasure of playing for Coach Greenberg at Holy Cross. She pushed me to be the best player I could be both on and off the court, compassionately helped me with the transition to college a thousand miles from home, and served as a positive role model. Her influence contributed to the strong […]
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Moe Power

I am one of many lucky enough to have been on this journey of life to call Kelly my friend. I have been fortunate enough to watch and listen to the many players that praise Kelly as a coach and mentor, for the last ten years. Kellys’ compassion, generosity and character are what make her […]
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The many players, coaches, managers and administrators who have played for and worked with Kelly over the years attest to the dedicated, passionate, loyal person Kelly is both on and off the court. Kelly and I are lifelong friends. Simply put, she would do anything for anyone. Coming from a large, close and loving family, […]
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Erica Machut, Holy Cross ’97

I’ve seen the news this week and I wanted to reach out to say a few things. As the slowest and least talented person on a very talented team I never felt bullied by you. Did you motivate me? Yes. Bully – no. You were a positive influence on me during a formative time in […]
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Brad Horth

I am writing this in support of Kelly Greenberg. While I can not say that I know Kelly Greenberg the coach, I have had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with Kelly outside of basketball. In this regard she has been nothing but welcoming, friendly, and an absolute joy to be around. I have seen […]
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Colleen Nicewicz

In my short time knowing Kelly Greenberg, I am assured that she loves the game and her job. She has been an incredible mentor and support system for my brother, Brendan Burke, and has given him the rare opportunity to do something that he loves as well. So many people are not able to follow […]
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Christine Gallagher

I support Kelly. You can tell a lot about a person not only in their own character but by the company they keep. Kelly is a dear friend of my sister who is a dedicated phenomenal friend to all and a person of integrity. I met Kelly years ago. Great first impression. I have listened […]
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Terese Joseph

Kelly Greenberg is one of the most dedicated coaches I have ever met. She is an awesome role model and has incredible devotion and love for the sport of basketball!! I respect her as a person and a coach and support her 100%.

Kieran Doherty

Stay strong coach.


Thinking about you all the time. You have been an inspiring role for my 3 kids through your thoughtfulness and kindness. I can’t believe this mess, truly unimaginable. How a few young girls can go to the press and cry “abuse” simply because they were not the center of attention is ridiculous!  I am very […]
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Aaron Golderg, Director of Athletic Bands, BU

Just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you, and that you have my support throughout this whole thing. The Pep Band feels the same way. I very much admire your coaching, and I brag about you to folks on campus and off. I hope to see you soon. Please let me know […]
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Gerry Nelson

I have known Kelly Greenberg since she was 8 years old…She is a woman of integrity, competitiveness, and compassion…If those aren’t the qualities of a great basketball coach, I do not know what is…Any school should be so lucky to have her!

Patty Bryant

I would like to express my support for Kelly Greenberg and the complaints against her at Boston University.  As a former three sport high school athlete, Bentley Basketball Hall of Famer and an assistant Boston University basketball coach I have experienced various coaching strategies and philosophies. I know that coaches can be very demanding and you may […]
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Kim Grimaldi

When you look at all of the love and support that Kelly has it is obvious that she is not a bully. She encourages people to be their best in a loving and caring way. She has been such a positive role model for so many people. That should be the focus here. You have […]
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Paul Romanczuk

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that you are supported & backed down here 100%.  You already know how much of an impact you have been to many young women’s lives but I thought it never hurts to hear it again.  You are such a wonderful person and if I can […]
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Jack Sykes

Great person.

Daren Smith

I have known Kelly Greenberg for over 20 years. She became a friend of the family after recruiting my sister to play basketball in college. She is a person that truly cares about the well being of people. When she coached at The University of Pennsylvania she started a Penn Pal program which allowed young […]
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John Knebels

In my 32 years as a sports journalist, I ALWAYS hear ultra-positive sentiments about Kelly Greenberg from former teammates and players and reporters throughout the decades. She is constantly described as a “shaper” of people, who, BECAUSE SHE CARES AND BELIEVES IN HER PLAYERS, challenges them to reach levels of self-excellence they never even knew […]
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Val DePaolo ‘83

The program would not be where it is today without Kelly. She is so professional and a good person. She carries a sense of pride in her program bring older Alums back in the mix, it really has meant a lot to us. She has created a family atmosphere.

Monica Faherty-Maletz BSN, RN

I have known Kelly Greenberg for over 30 years. Inspiring is the word to describe the fiber of her core. My daughters and my son love her generosity, enthusiasm, and humor. “Bullying” ??? NEVER SEEN IT IN THE 30 YEARS I HAVE KNOWN HER!!! Love you and your resilient spirit.

Lynne Belanger

We love you Kelly! We know these accusations are false. If there is anything we can do let us know. Scott and Lynne

Nadine Winters McLaughlin

Stay strong Kelly! Since elementary school, you have been one of the most caring, considerate, loving people I know! You have a heart of gold. Your commitment to making each and every one of your players excel and realize their full potential should be commended. I wish you quick resolve of this situation and hope […]
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Carol Dinneen

Kelly Greenberg is a loving sister, kind sister-in-law and awesome aunt. We have attended many of Kelly’s games and know first-hand how she treats her players and everyone connected with her programs. We are behind her 100%!! Stay strong. We love you.

Karen Hayes

Coach, I don’t know you personally but Moe, Val, Michele, Marianne all vouch for you completely. I trust their opinions! Keep up the good fight!! I am pulling for you and hope that the truth will come out!

Stephanie McGinley Leighton

As I sit here today reading all the wonderful posts from people who are lucky enough to have crossed paths with Kelly Greenberg, not only am I smiling but also tearing up, because these posts are so true and I am so proud to call her my friend. All the wonderful things she has done […]
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Deirdre Brennan

I do not know Coach Greenberg but I have had the pleasure of getting to know and work with one of her past players Caroline Stewart. Caroline on graduation was awarded a Sport Changes Life Foundation Victory Scholarship which brought her to the University of Ulster, Belfast, Ireland to study and work with young people […]
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Sofía Sidmore, Holy Cross ’98

Coach Kelly Greenberg is an incredible coach whom I admire and respect wholeheartedly. She dedicated time and energy to help me grow as a player, and more importantly, as a person. I will never forget her countless words of encouragement. I support coach 100%!!

Katie May

I have known Kelly my whole life, she is a great aunt and an amazing coach. She was my inspiration to start playing basketball and is the reason I wear 13 on my jersey. She taught me to play and continues to help me get better every year. Aunt Kelly can always put a smile […]
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Anne Marie Krill, RN

Support and love always to you Kelly!!!! ABW faculty and administration still talk about your powerful, moving speech given to their students!!!!! And Carlie always says what an amazing role model you are to young woman!!!! Stay strong!!!

Michael Arizin

Hang tough Kelly. Good things happen to good people. PS-“In the midst of winter, I found within myself an invincible summer.” – Camus

Maryanne & Pete Gallen

It has been our families privilege to know Kelly Greenberg for over 15 years. To truly know her is to know the dedication and love that she gives to all that she comes in contact with. Our daughter has attended her basketball camp since the age of seven and she has taught her more then […]
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Theresa Krell, BSN, RN

Kelly Greenberg is not just a great coach, she is encouraging, accepting and supportive of everyone she encounters. Kelly has motivated and led the way in me conquering mountains!!!!!! Thank you Kelly and stay strong.

Kate VanVorst

In my years as a BU Women’s Basketball fan, I have experienced first-hand the community that Kelly Greenberg has built. Kelly’s players graduate as independent young women and are confident in themselves. Kelly prepares her players for any challenge life after graduation throws at them, and some have even gone on to coach the next […]
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Dayna Smith

I have had the great privilege of knowing Kelly Greenberg for over 20 years. She recruited me as a player at Rhode Island, and I was fortunate enough to be her assistant coach at Penn for 3 years. She has taught me so much about basketball. She is a brilliant coach that gets the most […]
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Nancy Lyons

I have worked in intercollegiate athletics for thirty years, the last twenty mostly involving student-athlete support centered responsibilities. I have worked with hundreds of coaches in all sports, and thousands of student athletes. I cannot imagine being a teacher or coach in today’s environment. I wonder what future there is for students and athletes when […]
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Rob Nicewicz

Based on my experiences over the last two years, I have seen nothing but passion and professionalism from Coach Greenberg. Coach Greenberg and her staff make real connections with the players and their families often visiting a player’s family on the road as an entire team to experience the holidays together while they have to […]
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Elisa Zawadzkas, J.D., Holy Cross ’02

I had the pleasure of playing for Coach Greenberg while at Holy Cross. I always admired her integrity and still do. She was a smart and thoughtful coach who cared about her players. She inspired me, challenged me and made me a better player. Plus she always could make me laugh! She is someone I […]
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John Gallagher

Throughout life the people who have helped me grow the most are the ones that consistently preached the importance of caring, respect, pride, passion, and dedication. Regardless if it was school work, family, sports, or business. While reading through these posts, this appears to be the most consistent message from your supporters. The teachers who […]
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Sue Sebold

After reading all of the stories from the family, friends, and former and current players of Kelly Greenberg it makes me so happy that whoever visits this site will get to know the REAL Kelly Greenberg. Not the one portrayed by a careless writer and a few unhappy players. When I was in grade school […]
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David & Miriam Ewer, Player Parents

Miriam and I were shocked to hear that there were allegations against Kelly. We truly do believe that there is no foundation of truth in any of the allegations and support her entirely. She was there for us at the London Olympics to support our daughter, Rachael Vanderwal, a former BU basketball player as she […]
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