Mufu and Sandra Agboola, Player Parent

Our family has been a part of the BU mens basketball program and more recently,  the women’s basketball program for the past four years. I can still remember our first meeting with Kelly Greenberg. While she expressed that she wanted our daughter, Rashidat, on her team she never pressured us as we had experienced with other coaches. We have attended almost all of her games and have never been uncomfortable with the coaching of Kelly Greenberg or her staff. We’ve been so happy with the program that we are sad that our experience is coming to a end. I can say that we wouldn’t feel sad if we were not very happy with our experience from Kelly Greenberg and her staff. The negativity that was created is upsetting because it isn’t what many people, including myself, have experienced. Kelly’s reputation has been damaged after years of her hard work but I hope that all of the supporters can help make others see the true positive light of Kelly Greenberg.