Mo Moran ‘13

As a proud alum of the BU Women’s Basketball team, I wanted to take the time to write a letter not only showing my full support of Coach Greenberg, but also my sincerest gratitude for the opportunities she has given me and the life lessons I have learned because of her. She has truly made me the person I am today and for that, I am thankful. Though many may look at my college experience and judge it strictly based on my athletic success, my respect and admiration for Coach Greenberg goes far beyond the basketball court, and has nothing to do with playing time or wins and losses. It simply has to do with my journey. The experience you are given when you wear a BU Women’s Terrier uniform is the feeling of being a part of something bigger than yourself, and you feel right at home; this is because of Coach Greenberg.

At 18 years old I left for Boston, fairly shy, somewhat introverted, and like any young woman, a bit insecure. At 22 I graduated a more confident, expressive, focused version of my former self; and how I got that way was certainly shaped by my years as a Terrier under the leadership of Coach Greenberg. That doesn’t sound like bullying to me.

I had many friends that played several different sports at separate colleges on the Division 1 level. From hearing about their journeys, I can say that the experiences and opportunities Coach Greenberg gives to her players is by no means the typical Division 1 experience. Coach went above and beyond to always incorporate fun teambuilding activities into the schedule, whether it be a team meal, scavenger hunt, game of Pictionary, or the chance to see local sights at the various schools we traveled to (climbing the Rocky stairs, seeing a Texas football game, or even our random trip to the Chuck-E- Cheese next to our hotel). We even had the chance to play in Spain. Not many people ever get the chance to go to a different country and even fewer get this trip paid for! There is no other Coach who does more for her players or has a bigger heart than Coach Greenberg.

Coach Greenberg goes far beyond the x’s and o’s and shapes us all into leaders, both on and off the court, by teaching us the importance of character, hard work , dedication, and perseverance. She teaches you what it means to be part of a family and how important it is to “share yourself with others.” That is one of my favorite quotes from Coach Greenberg. Entering BU I was a shy, insecure girl, but I left stronger and more secure because of the confidence Coach Greenberg instilled in me.

Of course in my four years at BU there were some bumps in the road, on and off the court. There were times when I felt like I wasn’t meeting Coach’s expectations, times when I felt physically and emotionally spent, and times when Coach and I did not see eye to eye, but at that end of it all, I came out a better version of myself. Though my playing days are over, I know because of Coach Greenberg, and the bonds she helped me build, that I will always have a BU family no many how many miles separate us.