Kristi Dini ‘08

My 4 years at BU were some of the best years of my life and I miss being a part of that program with my teammates and that coaching staff led by Kelly Greenberg. Because of my years there and everything I learned from Coach Greenberg I got the opportunity to play in Europe. After my experience there I became a varsity coach and also run a successful basketball organization where I now have 16 aau teams both boys and girls. Coach also has players coaching on all different levels including on the collegiate level. She always pushed us to be our best and her team was the most important thing to her along with her own family. Her passion for the sport and for her team and any athlete that goes through her program is incredible. Coach Greenberg is one of my biggest supporters and I can call her to pick up a new offense or to chat about what defense to play against a certain team. As a coach it both saddens and scares me that disgruntled athletes can make false accusations and start trouble like this. I stand by coach.