Caroline Stewart ‘12

My relationship with Coach Greenberg has been built on respect, honesty, and trust from the moment I stepped onto campus in 2008. During my time at BU I learned that the important things in life have nothing to do with records or flashy gear but everything to do with the kind of person you become during your four-year stint as a Terrier. Having the opportunity to play basketball under Coach Kelly Greenberg allowed me to become the person I am today. That is the beauty about college athletics there are ups and downs on every team and to fight through the adversity together is what makes being apart of a team so special. Coach Greenberg is that kind of special, in more ways then one she has influenced my life for the better. I have been through a lot with Coach Greenberg, and during our time together she has shown by example how to carry myself with respect, grace, and dignity. Coach Kelly Greenberg is a terrific basketball coach but an even better person. I would do anything for her, because she has done everything for me.