Maggie Greenberg

I am very lucky to call Kelly Greenberg my aunt and my godmother. In a family of many wonderful role models, she is at the top of the pack. Her passion, intensity, and love for the game of basketball are only matched by her love for her players and love for her family. She is not a bully. I have always loved going to my Aunt Kelly’s games and getting to watch her coach. A Friday night at the Palestra was the highlight of my week during grade school. It’s definitely more of a challenge to get to watch her games since she took the job at Boston, but the excitement of going hasn’t changed one bit. I would say the best part of every game, win or lose, is going down to the court afterwards to wait for Kelly to come out of the locker room. The worst part about every game is the wait to even get near my aunt after she comes out of the locker room. The amount of people she stops to say a few words to, whether it’s former players, friends, parents, one of the members of my very large family, or just fans, can make the wait very long. The long wait, though, is very indicative of the many strong relationships she forms. It would be very easy for her to just leave right after the game, especially after a tough loss, but she still comes out to share a moment with anyone and everyone who wants to see her. She truly cares about everyone she meets.