Anne and Duke Callahan, Player Parents

Our daughter, Danielle, has been a member of the BU Women’s Basketball Program for the past four years. As a transfer student, she was required to sit out her first year on the team. Before the start of the next season, Danielle was sidelined with a season-ending injury. Kelly and her staff showed such compassion for our daughter while she was injured. Knowing how difficult it would be both physically and mentally to sit out another season, they worked very hard to keep her involved in practices and games by asking for her input and perspective. When we met with Kelly, she had tears in her eyes. We could see how very much she cared for our daughter. Thankfully, Danielle recovered and was able to participate her final two years. We are grateful to Kelly and her staff for welcoming us into the BU Family. Danielle takes away some wonderful memories and valuable lessons learned both on and off the court.