Kerry Giroux

I first met Kelly Greenberg over 20 years ago when she recruited me to play basketball at the University of Rhode Island. Even though she left to take an assistant coaching position at Holy Cross, she promised me that she would always keep in touch and follow my college career. She not only kept that promise, but she also became a good friend of mine.

As a former player, a fan of women’s basketball and a friend of Kelly, I have and continue to support all of her teams. From her assistant coaching job at Holy Cross, to her first head coaching position at Penn, to taking over the reigns at Boston University… I have followed her programs year after year. It did not surprise me one bit that she was successful at each of these stops because Kelly is a GREAT coach with immeasurable basketball knowledge. But aside of her victories and championships, Kelly is one of the “greatest” people that I have ever met. She is kind, caring, compassionate, genuine and always has a positive attitude. She has such a wonderful personality that attracts people to her. She is a great conversationalist and when speaking with her, she treats you as if you are the most important person in her life. She makes everyone around her better just by knowing her. She truly is “one of a kind!”

It breaks my heart to hear the negative stories that are out there about Kelly. That a group of individuals would make these false accusations and use harsh terms like “bully” to describe Kelly. As a parent of 2 young boys, I am constantly educating them about what being a bully means. Kelly Greenberg is on the entire opposite end of the spectrum when it comes the term “bully!”

In the 20 years of knowing Kelly, I never once heard her say anything negative about anyone! She cares about everyone she meets.
Hang in there Kelly! You are so special to so many people including me and my family!

We know the truth and believe that the truth will prevail!