Deirdre Kane

I have been coaching for 35 years- the past 27 at West Chester University- a Division II school just outside of Philadelphia- Kelly Greenberg’s hometown. BTW, folks in the coaching circle, in & around Philly, love and respect Kelly Greenberg. There are many things I could say about Kelly- but I will say this to show you how much I trust her positive influence on young people; I had a Student Manager that was, and still is, like a daughter to me. She left her home in the Philadelphia area to start a career as Kelly’s Director of Basketball Operations. Of course, I trusted Kelly to mentor her in not only a new job, but a new city and life as well. She has since adopted Boston as her home, has a wonderful life, and works in Alumni Relations at Harvard! She only has wonderful things to say about Kelly- as do I.

It is sad that disgruntled players voices have been heard above the rest. I know that Kelly will be cleared of any wrongdoing. When she is, I hope that our voices will be heard even more!!