Veronica Jutras, Holy Cross ’00

Coach Greenberg was the Associate Head Coach at Holy Cross when I played there in the late 90’s. She held high expectations for me and for all of her players. I remember looking to her constantly for guidance, support, approval, and, more often than not, celebration. She was a human barometer of my performance on the court. Her eyes… her body language… her heart… always let me know if I was doing what the team needed me to do and reaching my potential as a point guard. To this day we are in touch with one another and I feel fortunate to still call her “coach.” When my children arrived into this world, I shared pictures with her almost immediately. When I was in the process of coming out as a gay woman and rumors as to my sexual orientation were circulating around my alma mater–a conservative Catholic school, she called me personally to let me know that I should always feel welcomed there–that I was a part of the history, the joy, the success, the tradition– and had earned my place as a respected alum. She told me that if I ever felt nervous to return and wanted someone by my side to call her and that she would walk into that gym with me. That doesn’t sound like a bully to me-it sounds like a person who cares deeply for the wellbeing of her players.