Valerie Klopfer

I have known Kelly Greenberg for over ten years and I find myself respecting her more the longer I know her. I have been fortunate enough to know Kelly’s family and friends, I know her staff, and I have gotten the chance to meet several of her players over the years. The people that want to be a part of what she does and who she is speak volumes about her character and her values. Her success on the basketball court speaks for itself—she has propelled each program she has been a part of to greatness. As a coach myself, I understand that you will not ultimately be successful if you do not have people that buy into your beliefs or your system and you do not hold yourself to a consistently high standard. Kelly’s numbers attest to the fact that people believe in her and have believed in her everywhere she has been throughout her coaching career. It is not only Kelly’s knowledge of the game and passion for the sport that have contributed to her success, but more so the person that she is and her incredible leadership abilities.
In addition to what Kelly has done on the basketball court, the people surrounding her life speak to her overall person. She attracts extremely hard-working, loyal and respectful individuals to her staff. They believe in her, they trust her and they throw themselves into the program as if it were their own. You would also be hard-pressed to find a family that is more involved and more supportive than Kelly’s family is to her and her program. Family is something that is very important to her, and because of this I know that she works very hard to create a family atmosphere with an open and honest environment for her players. Kelly takes pride in making sure that people are respected and treated the right way, as any great family member would.

I believe in Kelly and I support Kelly and I always will because I know that everything she does is with the best interest of her program at heart.