Laurie Carson Shufrin, Holy Cross ’94

I was lucky to have Kelly Greenberg as my assistant coach at Holy Cross for 2 years while I was there. She was a passionate coach, a great teacher and a wonderful motivator. She had just finished playing in college a few years prior but I never considered her a peer – she was always a coach to me and someone I truly respected. After college she made the effort of keeping in touch. I went back to Holy Cross many times after graduation and she was so welcoming. I went to see her when she was coaching at UPenn. And I’ve been to see her multiple times while she has been coaching at BU. She attended my wedding, we exchange yearly holiday cards and I can always count on receiving the BU schedule in the mail in the fall. She started out as my coach and will always be but now I consider her a friend as well. She is a caring, thoughtful and amazing woman. The allegations against her are unfair and unfathomable. I would gladly have my daughter play under Kelly Greenberg and I know she would not only become a better basketball player but a better human being.