Kevin Kudla, Team Manager, Holy Cross

Comment: Coach Greenberg was a part of an amazing coaching staff while I was a student manager at Holy Cross. Her professionalism, her passion for the game, and her compassion for her student-athletes all inspired me to become a college basketball coach. Kelly is kind, caring and respectful of all. I wasn’t playing for Coach Greenberg, but her genuine concern for me as a person made me feel like a Patriot League First Teamer! I witnessed first hand how she developed positive relationships with all of the Holy Cross players she coached. Her magnanimity extended to players’ families as well. Coach Greenberg is a TEAM leader; Coach Greenberg is a TEAM player. She is a class act!

Just recently Coach Greenberg’s BU squad played at the Mass Mutual Center in Springfield, MA. My father, who hasn’t seen Kelly since 1995, went down to the bench to say hello before the game. Before he could finish saying, “Hey, Kelly,” she had a quick smile and a “How are you, Mr. Kudla.” Kelly is a high quality basketball coach with even higher quality people skills.
I’m thankful Coach Greenberg served as a mentor for me; all of her players should be so privileged to grow under her nurturing tutelage.