Jim and Kate

I am so proud to say that Kelly Greenberg is my aunt. I’ve been watching Kelly play and coach basketball since I was a toddler and, probably unknowingly, she’s played a major part of instilling in me a passion for the game of basketball; one that has trickled down from my grandfather to my youngest cousins. She loves and respects the game so much that I cannot fathom her ever taking that passion for the game away from any one of her players.

Kelly is the most caring, genuine and generous person I know. There is no one who gives more to her family, friends, coaches, players and program than Kelly. She’s the first to welcome you when you have arrived and the first to make sure you have something to eat or drink. She’s the one who helps organize family reunions down the shore or open her lake house to anyone who wants to come and enjoy it. She’s the person who will show up to your house when you are in sixth grade so that you have a brand new pair of sneakers for the season and the one who’ll place an extra t-shirt in the annual family polyanna party just in case someone does not have enough Penn or BU gear.

The traits I have mentioned above, along with being a family-oriented person and treating people with respect are what I have learned from my aunt Kelly. I would not be where I am today without Kelly’s love and support over the years. We all love and support you Kelly.