Jack Kelly

Kelly Greenberg is no “bully”. The real bully here is the Boston newspaper that irresponsibly printed this sensationalized one-sided (non)story. This is yet another example of our media completely running amuck in this country. I challenge the Boston Globe to review the overwhelming outpouring of support for this great woman who has positively impacted the lives of so many both on and off the basketball court. Unfortunately, that will not happen since bad news sells these days.

I really feel sorry for the miniscule minority of Kelly’s former players who were not able to rise to the challenges she laid out before them. Hopefully, they will learn someday that quitting is not the best way to deal with adversity. I pray for them.

Hang in there and keep the Faith, Kelly! I am confident you will rise above all this nonsense and continue with your successful career while positively influencing the lives of countless student athletes. Eventhough, it is doubtful this “journalist” will rescind his lopsided article, the truth will prevail where and when it really matters…