Bronwyn Monahan, Holy Cross ’98

Kelly Greenberg is a great basketball coach, but much more importantly, she is wonderful and amazing person. I had the good fortune of playing at Holy Cross while Coach Greenberg was the assistant for her first three years at HC. All of the players on the team made an immediate connection with her, and many of us still have a connection with her today. As a coach, she was everything a college player could want. She was passionate about the game, and she worked tirelessly to help each and every player be the best they could be both on and off the court. Her bright smile, coupled with her incessant energy and enthusiasm were contagious!

I am so happy to see that people from Boston all the way to Pennsylvania, and many places in between have shown their support for Coach Greenberg. The testaments from former players, parents of former players, team managers, siblings of players, former assistant coaches, and others are seemingly endless, and deservingly so!

After knowing Coach Greenberg first-hand for many years, and reading all of these comments written straight from the hearts of the people who know her, I can’t think of a better name for this website- because what you are reading on here is no doubt, 100%… THE REAL KELLY GREENBERG!