Tim Greenbeeg

I’ve known Kelly my whole life. She is my aunt but she is so much more. She’s someone who I’ve loved, admired, and look up to since I can remember.

My earliest memory of Kelly is when, along with my aunt Kathy, she used to babysit my brother and I when we were young. I looked forward to it to every time. We considered them the ‘cool’ aunts because they were so much fun to be around.

I am broken-hearted, saddened, and angry about the recent b.s. allegations about her. I know in my heart that she an amazing person and the furthest thing from a bully.

Family and basketball. That’s how you grow up in the Greenberg family and Kelly is the epitome of that. You always feel good in her presence. She makes you feel special. And I’m so proud of her, proud of her accomplishments, and I am very proud to call her family. I still look forward to seeing her all these years later.

Some things come to mind when I think of her. Her jersey hanging in the rafters at Wood. Her walking on and becoming a tremendous player at La Salle. Her coming back home to coach Penn. Creating PennPals, where I was matched up with C.D. Going to Lubbock, TX to watch her coach her first NCAA game. Attending her Big 5 Hall of Fame induction at the Palestra. Her generously hosting and organizing ‘Nieces and Nephews’ weekend (where the Red team obviously won). And every summer spending a week with her.

She was my chosen confirmation sponsor and if you know, that’s an important choice in a young person’s life.

Kelly is a successful basketball coach but she is so much more. She is a friendly, caring, generous individual. She is a positive role model and an influential person in my life and many others as well.

She is a wonderful, amazing human being. She has a passion for her family and a passion for basketball. She is a proven winner and a proven leader. She is hard-working, dedicated and shows great character.

The real Kelly Greenberg is the opposite of what she has been portrayed in the media. I’m dumbfounded by the accusations and don’t believe a word of them.
On a final note about what I think about Kelly. She reminds me of the one acronym that has been instilled in me from day one in the service, which is LDRSHIP. I think Kelly is the embodiment of it. It stands for:

Selfless Service
Personal Courage

We all love you Kelly and are here for you.