Sarah MacElroy, Director of Basketball Operations (’04-’08)

I had the privilege of working with Kelly as her Director of Basketball Operations at BU for four years.

During this time, Kelly was a positive role model for me, as a young professional, and for our players throughout the years. On countless occasions, I saw Kelly demonstrate her commitment to her players, the BU basketball program, her family, friends and supporters, among so many others.

Through the years, I observed Kelly support her players in their journey from high school to college, encourage them to excel in the classroom and on the court, be good classmates, teammates, daughters and contribute positively to their community. Kelly practices every word she preaches. She is a student of the game, but, more importantly, she is passionate about being a supportive and caring coach, mentor, colleague, friend, sister, daughter and aunt. Her career as a basketball coach is her passion and she takes a great deal of pride in her opportunity to positively impact these young women every single day.

The recent reports have upset me and so many of us. To think that someone who has had such a positive impact on so many is being scrutinized like this, is a difficult thing to swallow.

Kelly had been there for me since the first day I joined the BU basketball family ten years ago. I’ve always been, and will continue to be, so proud of my tenure under Kelly’s leadership and support her wholeheartedly.