Olivia Stewart

My name is Olivia Stewart and I am currently junior at the University of Vermont. My older sister played for Kelly from 2008-2012. I am a member of a very large sports family, yet I have never succeeded in sports myself. Both of my older and younger sisters have gone to college on full scholarship for women’s basketball. It makes me very upset to see that this is happening to Kelly. Being involved in the basketball world for about 17 out of my 21 years now, I have never met a coach that cared about someone as a player, but more as a person than Kelly Greenberg. She made ME feel like I was a member of the team, she always hugged me, waved from the sidelines and always took the time after games to check in with me and see how I was doing. She followed my college application process and was one of my biggest cheerleaders when it came down to make my decision. Kelly has been the only coach I have ever had in my non sports related life. When I began my life at the University of Vermont, BU was still in the America East conference, every year I looked forward to the BU v. UVM women’s game because I felt more connected to that team than my current school. I know it is your job to report the facts, but when I woke up and read the article this morning, as a college journalist, I knew it was job to share my opinion with you. This situation is not an easy one and I know the issue is not going to swept under the rug, but both sides deserve to be heard. Being a bully is never, ever a word I would use to describe someone as great as Kelly.