Mike Dinneen

Words cannot express how important Kelly has been to me. She was a babysitter to me growing up and was my first coach in things like wire ball, Amos and Andy, tennis, boggle,checkers, and yes basketball. She never made me feel bad about myself instead she showed me what confidence is and how to treat people fairly and to always play by the rules.

Kelly is an Aunt, friend, mentor, role model, and someone who is extremely loyal. She is honest, trustworthy, sincere, compassionate, friendly, caring, and committed to making a positive difference in peoples lives. That’s what she enjoys. I wish I had her ability to find positive things in each and every person she meets. She will talk to anybody and make them feel like the most important person in the world. I have only seen her make people feel welcomed and supported and better about themselves.

Thank you Kelly for everything you have done for me, I am behind you 100%