Maria DiClemente

Comment: Kelly Greenberg a “bully?” That’s just ridiculous! Anyone that knows Kelly or has witnessed her on the court working with her student athletes would know that this is so far from the truth. I have had the pleasure to be part of Kelly’s BU Basketball “Family” since she arrived in Boston both as a friend and fan. She is one of the most caring and passionate coaches that I have seen at this level. Kelly is a teacher and student of the game of basketball and the game of life. She imparts lessons to her student athletes and other community members that they can live by to enhance their futures. Kelly is fair and ethical as a coach and a person. She is genuine and has a strong sense of integrity. Kelly challenges her student athletes to always strive to “be the best” and has high expectations for ALL of them. She is supportive whether things are going well or if the road is bumpy. She demonstrates and models these positive character traits to the young women under her care and others that are in her company. Kelly’s competitive nature and love for the game of basketball (as well as her team members through the years) is unprecedented. She treats her student athletes with respect both on and off the court. Many of them return regularly to BU to spend time with her and thank her for things that she has taught them. I have witnessed this first hand on multiple occasions and am proud to be part of Kelly’s BU family.