Kelly J. Gallagher, Esq. (’98)

As a former BU Terrier (’94-’98), I have been around the program, watched many games and gotten to know many of the players as well as Kelly Greenberg herself. Kelly has made reaching out to alumnae a priority and allowed former players to feel like we are part of the program, long after our playing days were over. There are certain things it takes to be a successful and respected coach and I believe beyond a doubt that Kelly has these traits and instills these values in her players both on and off the court. Kelly is tough, passionate, demanding and holds her players to the highest of standards as people and players – isn’t this exactly what we need more of in this world! If you want to judge Kelly, then I suggest you look to the success of her former players in their respective professional fields and life in general, far beyond and walls of Boston University. She has dedicated her life to her players, to the sport and to Boston University. Although I did not personally play for Coach Greenberg, I would have been lucky and proud to and she has my full respect and support.