Joe and Sharon

Kelly Greenberg is simply not capable of bullying anyone. She may challenge players and that is her job. We have seen Kelly’s dedication to her team many times. One time we were visiting during the summer. We were laughing and talking when Kelly said she had to leave because it was late and she had to be on the court with the team at 6 the following morning. I mentioned that she had assistants and team captains that could run the practice. She looked at us like we were crazy and said that if she expected her girls to be there, then she had to be there. Another time we were in Boston for a game and were sitting at a red light at an intersection. The whole team was crossing the intersection on their way to a team dinner. They were all laughing and talking and seemed like they were enjoying themselves. Kelly was right in the middle of the team. Not in front, not behind them. She was laughing and enjoying their company. These are small memories but they made a huge impression. It would set a terrible precedent if a small handful of girls that couldn’t handle the rigors of division 1 college ball could bring down an entire program and ruin a coach’s reputation. These are false allegations. Kelly Greenberg is simply not capable of emotionally abusing anyone. Ever. We love you Kelly.