Jake May

As a Godson of Kelly, I know her extremely well. Kelly Greenberg is the most trustworthy, kindest, caring, and coolest aunt I could ever ask for. These are not the qualities of a bully. She is the last person that would ever “bully” someone ever. A “bully” would not help someone up. A “bully” would not give words of encouragement to people. And a “bully” would definitely not get a web site about how great of a person he or she is.

I have played basketball since I can remember. I have been to Kelly’s games since she was at her first year at Penn. I was even the water boy at her games and players I talked to always told me, “you are so lucky you have Kelly Greenberg as an aunt.”

I see Kelly about 7 times a year and I always look forward to seeing her. When she comes to PA we always hang out watching the Celtics or Red Sox play, playing fun card games, or talking abut basketball. And whenever she walks through my door the first words I say to her are, “When are you leaving?” I have been saying that since I was about eight because I wanted to spend as much time as possible with her.

Kelly, I support you 110% and you will get through this. If those girls think you are a bully, they should have came to my 8th grade cyo basketball practices, because my dad yells twice as much as you do.