Dave Smith, Player Parent

I am the father of 8 children. 4 girls and 4 boys. 2 of my daughters received a full scholarship to a Division I school. It’s a tough job to be a father of a big family. You have to instill rules, regulations and love to have a complete happy family. A family is like a sports team, to suceed everyone has to be on the same page. A coach is like a parent…giving advice, correcting when it’s needed. Giving love and disipline to all equally.

My first daughter in 1979 picked the college of her choice. She wanted to go into the field of journalism and communication. My second daughter , some 13 years later, had more schools to choose from. The University of Rhode Island was her final choice because of the assistant coach Kelly Greenberg. After meeting and speaking to Coach Greenberg I immediately liked her approach to coaching and life. Kelly also was a member of a large family that instilled love, rules and obligations. Coach Greenberg and my daughter shared stories about basketball and family. My daughter finally chose URI over Penn State as her choice because of Coach Greenberg. The rest is history. After 3 years as an assistant at her alma mater my daughter became an assitant for Coach Greenberg at the University of Pennsylvania. At Penn they had a very successsful program. I was a close, first hand observer of Kelly’s coaching methods. To me, she was always fair and firm in the way she coached her team. Down through the years she always kept the Smith clan up to date on her teams at Boston University with newsletters and updates. We felt like we were family members of BU. My daughter is now the head coach at Cornell University and uses some of Coach Greenberg’s coaching style of being fair, firm and family first. I thank Coach Greenberg from the bottom of my heart for steering my daughter in the right direction for her life’s work.