Cat Makarewich, Penn ’05

I played for Coach Kelly Greenberg at the University of Pennsylvania from 2001-2004 before she left to take the head coaching position at Boston University. I had an extremely positive experience playing for Kelly and I consider those years to be some the happiest years of my life. Coach Greenberg was a tough, demanding, and intense coach who insisted her athletes match her drive and determination to win, but her expectations were never unreasonable and I certainly never felt bullied by her or by anyone on the Penn coaching staff. In fact, when I learned that Coach Greenberg was leaving Penn to take the head coaching position at BU during the summer of 2004 leading up to my senior year, I was devastated. To this day I still wish that she had stayed on to coach our team that final year of my collegiate career.

I support Kelly Greenberg and am grateful to have had a coach that cared about my character as much as my playing potential.