Thomas & JoAnn May

My wife and I would like to express our admiration and support for Kelly Greenberg. We have always observed her to be caring, fair, and supportive, as well as a great role model for young women.

We have known Kelly for about 20 years and watched her coach college athletes (when she was head coach at Penn) and grade school girls (at her summer girls basketball camp in Suburban Philadelphia). Our two granddaughters and several of their friends have participated in Kelly’s summer camp for the past several years, and we make it a point to attend the camp’s final day when the finals of the camp playoffs are held and Kelly presents team and individual awards to the girls.

Kelly comes from a large, close family and is particularly held in high esteem by her many nieces and nephews because of her kindness, generosity, frequent support and guidance, and fun-loving attitude.

We know Kelly well so we were shocked to learn of the recent criticism from a few of her BU players, which runs counter to everything we have personally observed about her, and have heard about her from Kelly’s colleagues and former players. Kelly has always displayed the attributes that we hope all her players would aspire to, such as hard work, fair play, teamwork, and sportsmanship. We judge her character to be above reproach, based on the many instances we have observed in her personal and professional life where she has demonstrated honesty, integrity, caring, and passion. All this comes naturally – that’s just the way Kelly is.

In summary Kelly is one of the finest people we know; we believe that when the facts are in BU will see her as we do – an admirable person, first-rate role model, and outstanding coach.