The Morgan Family

Our family has been lucky enough to become friendly with the Greenberg family. Mooms always has an update about Kelly because she is so proud of her and her accomplishments.

My daughter has played basketball with her niece for many years.
She has also attended her camp for the past 4 years and is actively planning her skit and has been talking about the camp because she is extremely sad that it is her last year. She also hopes to one day be a counselor at the camp under Coach Kelly.

Kelly is so enthusiastic, passionate and determined to make each girl not only a better player but a better teammate and is a great role model.

She is always smiling and encouraging the girls to work hard. She demonstrates passion for the game. I could only hope that my daughter would be able to play for her in the future.

Kelly stand tall and keep smiling. You must see and believe that you have and will continue to positively influence many players.

Keep Smiling

The Morgan Family