Susan Scannell, Player Parent

My name is Susan Scannell and I write as a parent of a player on the current women’s basketball team.

I went to visit Clodagh in November of 2012 to see how she was settling into college life. As we live in Ireland, we don’t get many opportunities to visit often. I also visited the Iona College and Pace University basketball programs at the same time, as I have met coaches and made friends within these staffs as well. Coach Greenberg invited me to attend a practice session where I saw her in action and I commented on how healthy and open I thought her coaching style was and how the overall program seemed to be on my first visit.

I can say in good faith if I was to grade Coach Greenberg on a scale of 1 – 10 for fairness and professionalism, I would score her 10 out of 10. After more than 20 years watching and observing basketball coaches, Coach Greenberg is actually one of the milder ones.

My family and I support Coach Greenberg!