Sue Sebold

After reading all of the stories from the family, friends, and former and current players of Kelly Greenberg it makes me so happy that whoever visits this site will get to know the REAL Kelly Greenberg. Not the one portrayed by a careless writer and a few unhappy players. When I was in grade school Kelly was a counselor at Father Judge basketball camp. She quickly became my role model and I strived to be like her on the court. A few years later I received a phone call and it was her letting me know that she wanted to recruit me to play for her. I was so excited and enjoyed my time getting to know her more. In the end I didn’t play for her only because I wanted to stay close to home to play college basketball. I would love for my daughter to have the opportunity to play for such a passionate, caring, hard working, and example setting coach. She has put so many young women on the path to succeed in life and continues to be a great role model for her nieces and nephews and all that surround her. Kelly is a winner and a class act and that will never change. We got your back Kelly!!!