Stephanie McGinley Leighton

As I sit here today reading all the wonderful posts from people who are lucky enough to have crossed paths with Kelly Greenberg, not only am I smiling but also tearing up, because these posts are so true and I am so proud to call her my friend. All the wonderful things she has done for her family, friends and players. I have known her and her family for 40 years. Kelly is a caring and loving individual.

Unfortunately I do not get to see Kelly often because of the distance between us, but when I do see her it is like we saw each other yesterday. She is a loyal friend, who never forgets my birthday (which is during basketball season). I always get that text from her. Kelly always make me laugh with her great smile and upbeat personality.

Kelly, know that I respect you, am very proud of you, and honored to call you my friend. I Love you and support you and all the awesome things you have accomplished and what you will accomplish in the future.