Rick Pergolini

When my dear friend Alonzo Lewis passed away several years ago, his daughter Allison, an accomplished high school Junior, was unsure about finding a school that proved to be the “right fit” for her. I contacted Kelly and asked her watch Allison play that summer. Kelly followed up and established a relationship with Allison and her mother. It took only one visit to the BU campus and meeting with Kelly and her capable staff before Allison accepted their scholarship offer and agreed to play for them. Keep in mind that this young lady had just lost her father in a tragic accident and was more than willing to trust her next 4 years to Kelly Greenberg and the BU program. Allison and her mother Kathy are staunchly supporting Kelly in this difficult time and have not wavered one iota in their commitment to BU. That alone speaks wonders about the trust and loyalty Coach Greenberg is able to display on a daily basis.