Patty Bryant

I would like to express my support for Kelly Greenberg and the complaints against her at Boston University.  As a former three sport high school athlete, Bentley Basketball Hall of Famer and an assistant Boston University basketball coach I have experienced various coaching strategies and philosophies. I know that coaches can be very demanding and you may not always like what they make you do but those demands make for a winning team and prepare you for life after sports.

I have been attending BU games during Kelly’s ten year career and have observed her intensity not unlike most other coaches in all sports.

Do not mistake intensity for bullying. Kelly is very respectful and has been a positive role model for hundreds of athletes that she has coached. Not once have I ever witnessed one of her players being disrespectful on the court. I have attended several alumni events that Kelly hosts and she demonstrates that her goal is that her athletes develop on and off the court. She ensures that these students athletes have high moral standards. It is so unfair to have so few disgruntled players tarnish her reputation.