Lauren George, Holy Cross ’96

Coach Greenberg is an exceptional coach and an amazing overall person. She coached me for four years at Holy Cross and was always so supportive and willing to put in that extra effort to help me grow and mature, both on and off the court. When I was a freshman point guard, I was so nervous that I kept calling the same play in practice, until Coach Greenberg finally banned me from calling it and forced me to broaden my play selection. The little things like that made me a better player. In the years since Holy Cross, I have closely followed Coach Greenberg’s career and have always been so impressed by her passion and insight for the game of basketball. I am proud to call Coach a true friend. When my mother passed away unexpectedly, Coach came to the wake to pay her respects, even though she had a home game that same night. Coach shares the same level of passion for the game, as she does the well-being of her players, both past and present.