Gail Shelly

I have been a fan of Boston University’s Women’s Basketball program and have known Coach Kelly Greenberg for 6 years. Kelly runs a top notch program at BU. She has positively impacted the lives of many young women who have played for her at BU, and previously at the University of Pennsylvania. I am a product of the Philadelphia area and knew of Kelly as a feisty Big 5 player at LaSalle just as I now know her as a feisty competitor and hard-working coach. Kelly teaches hard work, discipline and the importance of being a part of a team to her players. She has done this successfully and in a positive manner for the past 20 years. She supports her players on and off the court. Being a coach is being a teacher and in this day in age coaches and teachers have become the focus much unfair criticism and many unfounded accusations that ruin careers, programs and lives. As a coach and educator, you put yourself on the line for your student-athletes every day. You make decisions that are for the good of your team, your student-athletes, and the organization you represent. Kelly has made positive decisions and has put Boston University on the map in Women’s Basketball. This was a difficult season for the program after many very successful seasons. In my 4 years playing division I basketball, 10 years of coaching at the high school level, and 16 years in the education profession, I have seen the frustrations of students, parents, and organizations come out in very negative and unfair ways during difficult seasons. The article by the Boston Globe is obviously only one version of what the situation may have been this year for this team. To use the word “bully” to describe a well-respected coach at this level is not appropriate and just plays on the growing perception that those outside of education field have about what bullying is. I can only hope that all the facts can be discussed by the university and that fairness plays out for Coach Greenberg, her staff, her players and her program.