Dayna Smith

I have had the great privilege of knowing Kelly Greenberg for over 20 years. She recruited me as a player at Rhode Island, and I was fortunate enough to be her assistant coach at Penn for 3 years. She has taught me so much about basketball. She is a brilliant coach that gets the most out of her players, and it is no coincidence that she’s propelled each program she has been a part of to success. Kelly wears her heart on her sleeve, which has inspired everyone that played for her and worked for her to give their all for the betterment of the program. Her passion and dedication to the sport help to create an extraordinary experience for players, staff and fans alike, and that is something I have always admired and try to duplicate within my own basketball program at Cornell. With all this being said, I have to admit that more than anything basketball related, Kelly has taught me great life lessons. She has demonstrated how to treat people the right way, how to respect people for who they are and how to show appreciation for what others do for you. She encourages you to make others around you happy, and inspires pride in being a part of something bigger than yourself. She has been an incredible role model for me in all facets of my life. Kelly- I am extremely lucky to have you as a mentor and as a friend. Those that have played and worked for you know the real you. We believe in you and support you always!