Daren Smith

I have known Kelly Greenberg for over 20 years. She became a friend of the family after recruiting my sister to play basketball in college. She is a person that truly cares about the well being of people. When she coached at The University of Pennsylvania she started a Penn Pal program which allowed young fans the chance to meet and develop a relationship with the women on the team. I had 4 children that were excited that they got to know the players and become friends with them. These players were great role models for my children and made them feel a part of the Penn family. This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Kelly’s influence and direction. She taught her players that family and relationships with people were the most important thing in life. My daughters also attended her summer camps and they not only had fun learning the sport of basketball but they also were taught to be appreciative to their parents for allowing them the opportunity to attend the camp. Having these experiences motivated my daughters to work hard and made them realize at a young age that they wanted to be a part of an athletic team when they attended college. That has become a reality for them. Thank you Kelly for being a great teacher of basketball and more importantly life. You have made an impact not only on players that you have coached but many other people.