Cammy Landry

I had the opportunity to coach at BU and therefore became a co-worker of Kelly’s. We quickly became friends and remain friends today. I have the utmost respect for her as both a coach and as a person and I find these accusations of emotional abuse ludicrous.

If you want STATS on what she’s accomplished as Head Coach you can look them up. But I can tell you that when she came to BU to assume the Head Coach position, the program was in the cellar. Kelly and her staff had to quickly gain the trust of those current players who played on the team and repair their depleted confidence. She then turned them back into a team and began to build her successful program from there.

Kelly always maintained an ‘open door’ policy. Any player who needed to speak to her privately was encouraged to do so about any topic. And I am confident that over the years many players occupied chair space in her office. Even me! I personally became one of those who needed to talk and she was there for me.

Aside from coaching I taught Golf for Women for the Physical Education department. Several of her players took my course. They were great students! They were very happy young women whom at times talked about Kelly and what a great person she was as well as being a great coach.

In closing I’d like to say that I am shocked at what is going on and what is being said. Both Administration and Parents need to realize that students need the good ones like Kelly to coach and teach their children. If all the good ones leave what kind of educators are left?

Cammy Landry
BU Women’s Golf Coach, Retired