Audrey Waldron

I have had the great honor to know Kelly Greenberg for 29 years. I first met her when she was a senior in high school and being recruited to play field hockey at LaSalle University. She became my teammate and friend the following year and we have maintained our friendship over all these years, even though we live 3,000 miles apart. I can say unequivocally, that Kelly has always demonstrated the highest level of values and integrity throughout all the years I have known her. She is honest, trustworthy, caring and compassionate. There are people that come and go in one’s life and I have had some friends come, but then go. Kelly has always been there and will always be a very significant part of my life.

I have watched her interact on a personal level with her family & friends. She
is an amazing daughter, sister, cousin, niece and aunt. Family is an extremely important part of her life. She provides support to her family and her family has always been supportive of her as a person and coach. They often travel great distances to support her teams and to spend time with her because she is such a special individual. If you have ever been to a game where Kelly is coaching you most likely have seen, more likely heard, one or more of the Greenberg clan. They are a very vocal group. They, like Kelly, are extremely passionate about their sports. Intensely passionate. This passion is contagious and really awesome to watch.

I have had the pleasure to see Kelly interact with players, coaches and colleagues over these years as she progressed in her coaching career. She is a role model for how she interacts with people. There have been numerous individuals express what a positive influence Kelly has been in their life. She has helped coach, mentor, guide, teach, counsel and befriend many girls over the years through coaching career. One can only hope to go through life having made a difference and to leave this world a better place. Kelly has undoubtedly changed and influenced the lives of many of the athletes she has coached in a very positive manner. It deeply saddens me that she has touched the lives of > 99.98% of her players in such a positive way and that a few (<.015%) can in any way have a negative impact on such an amazing career and such an amazing person.

Personally, I have been blessed to have Kelly in my life for 29 years. Her level of honesty and integrity is something I have always appreciated and respected. One could not ask for a more dependable friend. Most recently, My brother passed away. Kelly, without being asked, without telling me, drives 4.5 hours one way from Boston to the funeral home to give her support to me and my family. She had to return that same day to be with her team. This clearly exemplifies the type of friend, and person, Kelly is and will always be.

No matter where Kelly goes she lights up a room when she walks into it. Her smile, charisma, and genuine charming personality is something that permeates throughout the entire room. Within a short period of time, she is the one people are gathered around. People gravitate towards her positive energy, enthusiasm and humor. There have been jealous people over the years that have been intimidated by her persona, not because it is threatening, but because they lacked the strength of character and goodness that Kelly portrays.

A quote, by Ralph Waldo Emerson describes Kelly well. "What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us in nothing compared to what lies within us."
There are so many wonderful qualities that lie within Kelly. She is one of the few exceptional people to have walked this earth. I am truly blessed our paths have crossed and that she is part of my life.