Terry Shinkwin Ward ’81

My name is Terry Shinkwin Ward and I am a Boston University graduate. I played on the women’s basketball team from 1977-1981. I have had the pleasure of knowing Kelly for the past 10 years. I have come to know Kelly from the annual Alumni basketball game, from attending most every home game, and various social engagements outside of basketball. She is a woman with many wonderful qualities and is an inspiration and role model. What I love about Kelly is her integrity, kindness, compassion, and strong family values. She has endeared herself to the all the Alumni who show up every year and make all feel welcome and part of the Boston University Family.

An example of her kindness and caring ways I will always remember is when she attended my mother’s wake and funeral mass three years ago. With the heavy demands and rigors of coaching a Division One Team, I was so touched that she would find time to reach out to me, someone that played nearly thirty years ago. That is the kind of person that Kelly Greenberg is, thoughtful, respectful, a class act all the way. As a former BU athlete, I understand intensity, commitment, and a coaches tough love. Knowing Kelly as both a person and a coach, it is very hard for me to fathom these allegations. I am proud to be associated with Kelly Greenberg.