Stephen J. Finley

As President of Bishop McDevitt High School, I know many people who know you and a few who have played for you and your positive reputation is overwhelming. I just want you to know that you are in my prayers and I feel badly that a local player, coach issue has somehow become national news.

I’ve coached for forty years at grades schools, high schools, CYO and AAU and I know one thing for sure. This can happen to anyone, and in fact has happened in some form to almost everyone, who cares about their kids, has standards, and wants them to be better as players and people. Generally, we don’t end up on TV but frequently become the topic of a parish CYO meeting or a phone call to the head of the AAU program.

It’s the unfortunate by product of caring and trying to help the kids get it right (whether they’re 12 or 22). The expectation that somehow coaches can get positive results, both on and off the court, and be a perfect fit for everyone is just unrealistic. The expectation that, in a complex world, we always say and do exactly what is right is also unrealistic.

It was good to know that so many of your former and current players stood up so quickly in your defense and, hopefully, you take great joy in knowing that they did that in thanks for what you had done for them. Coaching has so many more positives than negatives and I’m sure you’ll come through this OK, regardless of whatever short term outcome.

Please reflect on all that you’ve done and all the players that you’ve helped and all that is still to come. Best wishes as you go through this process.