Kathy-Marie Steele

I’d like to rebuke the article about Kelly Greenberg that appeared in the Globe.  I’ve been associated with basketball at all levels for many years and Kelly Greenberg is one of the most caring individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting.  She cares for all her athletes and does everything in her power to help them succeed not only in basketball but in life.  She does her job professionally and her concern for her girls goes well beyond their years at BU.  I’d like for you to interview ten people who are close to the program on a daily basis for every one negative statement you have received from these disgruntled young women and you would see that the article you wrote is just plain wrong.  Sometimes when people don’t get their way they react by trying to get revenge.  I’m sorry the Globe fell for that ploy yet again.

I’m disappointed in the Globe for printing an article without getting both sides of the story.  There are many college athletes who get to college and find that they can’t handle the rigorous athletic process.   We throw the word “bullying” around all too freely and I’m not sure it has ever been defined.  We have all had situations where our boss or teacher or coach has told us things about ourselves and/or our performances that don’t make us feel too good but honestly that is part of life.  Enabling an 18-21 year old college student to ruin a coach’s career because of hurt feelings shouldn’t even be on the radar of a major newspaper.

I long for the days when the “news” had to have some truth in it in order to make the final issue.