Howie Landau ’12, Team Manager

College is a time of growth, new experiences, and personal discovery. While this journey often involves a few roadblocks and stumbles along the way, an individuals often emerges that provides the support and encouragement needed for success. For myself, and many others, this person is Kelly Greenberg. Coach Greenberg is an incredible woman, and is not only a vital asset of BU athletics, but an integral part of the university as a whole.

For my 4 years of undergraduate studies at BU, I served as the student manager of the Women’s Basketball team. During my time working with Coach Greenberg, she encouraged, supported, and challenged me in a way that pushed me to become a harder worker, a more dedicated student and an overall better person. Following my graduation, she encouraged me to continue my dream of becoming an educator, and helped me to balance graduate studies in the School of Education while still being able to work with the team as the Video Coordinator. The opportunities she has provided me with, along with her unwavering support, have allowed me to pursue my passion, and I am now a Middle School teacher and coach. I strive to transfer the virtues she has taught me onto my own students; especially those of respect, commitment, honesty and integrity. I cannot put into words how much she has taught me about the game of basketball, but more importantly, the wisdom she has imparted on me about life.