Donna Ruseckas

As a former high school and college athlete, former high school and college coach, former college athletic administrator and current Director of Wellness and Extended Services of Watertown Public Schools, I must express my support of Kelly Greenberg. I have supported the BU Women’s Basketball team for as many years Kelly has been the coach and have been most impressed with the level of respect she has gained from players, coaching staff and fans. Her coaching style is of the highest quality as she expects hard work, dedication and, most of all, teamwork. Having been in the field of athletics and education, bullying is a serious issue and a word that should not be used loosely as a tool to cause harm or damage someone’s reputation. This has clearly happened to Kelly. Education includes life skills of which a coach has the venue to make a difference and create the forum for learning the life skills of respect and responsibility. These elements strengthen a TEAM, athlete or coach. I have lost respect for those few players who want to harm this coach who has done her job and has done it extremely well!